Chair’s welcome message!
Welcome to Electronics and Nano electronics department at Alatoo University

      Department is continuously ranked among the best in the nation, in which it offers a “4-year bachelor” program. We aim to be the leader in engineering brain center among Central Asian public-private universities by providing cutting-edge and practical knowledge through preparing professionals who will be ready to sustain and advance our society.
      Since the establishment, students from different cultures and nations have been benefiting from the department  with major engineering education areas. Meanwhile electronics department is the only center delivering specialized courses in foreign language throughout the country, which creates significant opportunities for students to pace with upto-date emerging technologies in the world.
      Our graduates are recruited by major companies, education centers in-out of the countryside both academically and professionally. We believe that students with high ambitions can succeed and attain their goals despite any obstacles they face. One may not be perfect to sign challenging ideas but university can be source of motivation and startups to discover yourself. Everyone may experience bouncing periods in his/her lifetime, the primary instrument is to jump further from the location you were last time. We are open for all those who want to make changings, contribute to nation and society and of course to the innovation world as well.
      Department offers both theoretical and practically functional disciplines from the very early years of study until the graduate period.
      At the graduate level, students have the choice of several core areas of specialization, and the opportunity to study emerging disciplines such as industrial electronics, computer science, telecommunications, biomedical engineering, robotics, web technologies and artificial intelligence. Working closely with faculty supervisors students can find vast opportunities to keep education in-out of the countryside upon graduating.
We wish all students prosperous future, creative thinking and promising career.