Department of Industrial Electronics

Electronics and Nanoelectronics Engineering Department was founded to provide Kyrgyz students along with the students from Central Asia and around the world with the modern and qualified education. Nowadays, Electronics Engineering is being one of the most demanded professions around the world. At the same time, due to the establishment of free zones as well as new local and foreign work places, it has become a huge necessity for Electronics Engineers in Kyrgyzstan.  

Transition to Western Technologies pursued specifically in companies and factories make it a great advantage of a job potential for our graduates as our university is the only institution where the Electronics Engineering education is given in English in Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, being able to work in spheres related to IT (Information Technologies) gives the Electronics Engineers more “attractive” look. 

One more advantage for Electronics Engineers students is that they can continue their education abroad. It has been observed that the demand for the electronic engineers in the Master and Ph.D. level projects is very high throughout the world. Modern education given in English language provides students with this great advantage, too.

Mission of the Department

Mission of the department is to give an electronics engineering education in accordance with international standards, to prepare the engineers who meet the requirements of the industrial establishments and academic sectors both in the country and the international arena, who are suitable for state of the art professional standards and able to track the innovations in the technology.

Department Information

Brief description of the department according to the state educational standard of higher professional education:

Department specialty: 690100 - «Electronics and Nanoelectronics»

Profile: Industrial Electronics

Academic Degree: Bachelor of engineer (with a 4 year education)

Industrial Electronics department was founded in 2004.


While studying in our department you will have an opportunity to learn technologies such as:

        Signal Processing

Control Theory and Control Systems

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Digital Electronics

Analog Electronics

Android, FPGA Technology, 

Matlab, LabVIEW, Simulink, MultiSim, Isis Proteus, C and C++ programming, Python programming, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, 



There are two labs in our department:

  1. Electrotechnics Measurement Lab

  2. Control and Microprocessors Lab

Electrotechnics Measurement Laboratory

The lab was established with the great contribution of Zurich Technological University.                  The lab consists of Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, circuit components, EMC Set, and other measuring devices.    

F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09378.JPG  F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09395.JPG

F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09400.JPG F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09397.JPG


Control and Microproccessor Laboratory

This lab provides students with the opportunity to see in practice what they acquire during the courses. There are essential devices and application platforms like FPGA, Oscilloscopes, Computers, PLCs, PICs, PIDs, DC Motors and Servo Motors.

F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09363.JPG F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09352.JPG

F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09346.JPG F:\lab resilmeri\DSC09380.JPG


Electronics Club

The project development group consisting of industrial electronics students contributes actively to the daily university life. Generally, students present projects both on the basics of electronics and course subjects. These are the works of the students done within the last year:

  1. A line-following car controlled by a remote control

  2. Shifting writings 

  3. Colored lights

Students from other departments are welcome. The number of members is increasing each day. “Electronic Club” is devoted to all students who are interested in Electronics. Here, they can learn basics of Electronics and develop some basic projects related to Electronics. 

The club involves designing different types of robots using Android. Under this club students are involved with subjects as, Line following Robot, Obstacle Avoiding Robot.


                      C:\Users\ToLogOn\Desktop\Bölüm Tanitim ELT 2011\Electronic LAB reserve\101MSDCF\DSC09279.JPG


What is “Electronics Engineering”?

You can’t imagine a modern life without Electronics Engineering, which plays a great role in a technology development nowadays. Electronics Engineering is the branch of engineering that does researches in all areas needed in life, produces information alongside with the technology; moreover, it designs, improves and applies to life all the products it has developed. The area of Electronics Engineering is very vast, it includes the followings:

Electronic products, Electronic currents, Solid Electronics, radio and TV systems, Electronic Circuit Designs (Analogue and digital, integrated circuit, high frequency, VLSI), communication systems (GSM, CDMA, wireless communication, internet, computer network), satellite systems (communication, data collecting, GPS), signal processing (image processing, JPEG, MPEG), robot technology (sensoring, recognition, control), artificial intelligence, microwave, radars, electromagnetic waves (antennas), telephone systems, nanotechnology, biomedical (diagnostics, measuring), automation systems, computer applications (microprocessors, computer hardware, internet, electric motors, microchips, electronic defense industry).


What work do `Electronics Engineers` do?

Electronics Engineers do the scientific researches, design and develop electronic systems, do tests and assessments, control application and production. Besides, they can work in various factories, in the spheres like repairing and maintenance, industrial management services.  

Graduates can continue with their education by doing the Master and Ph.D. programs in the fields they are interested in and professionalize, which can later transform into the contribution to the electronic science.


Our University’s `Electronics and Nanoelectronics` Engineering Industrial Electronics Department.

There is a great need in Electronics Engineers which arise with the development of technology throughout the world and mostly in Kyrgyzstan. Electronics Engineering has become a necessity as Kyrgyzstan is a young country making its first steps towards development. Our university set it as a priority to establish the Electronics Engineering department to provide work places with qualified engineers, a demand in who has become great with the increase in industrial investments. The department was established in 2004 to pursue the above-mentioned goal. It focuses mainly in the area of Industrial Electronics Engineering (Specialization). The subjects covered throughout the education are as follow:      

  • Control and System Theory

  • Modeling, Simulation and System Specifying

  • Industrial automation

  • Robot Technology

  • Process controlling and measuring

  • Control Systems  (Servo Systems)

  • Driver Systems (Electric, Electronic, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, etc.)

  • Intelligence systems (Fuzzy Control, Artificial Neural Networks)

  • Computer based Real Time Control Systems (PC, FPGA, DSP, PLC, PIC,etc.)


What kind of areas the graduates can be occupied in?

  • Factories (Yashar Un, Bishkek Sut, Coca Cola Bottlers, etc.)

  • Companies (Huawei, Lider Medical)

  • Universities

  • The graduates who want to continue their education abroad can apply for Master and Ph.D. programs. Knowledge of English helps our students to adapt easily to the foreign universities.

  • Graduates can continue with their education in any of the subject fields they have covered within the 5-year education program.


Who can study in our department?

The ones who are interested in technology, open to (create) new ideas, who like design-making, love Math and Physics, and ambitious.